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Choosing the right River North Yoga facility is pretty simple! There are less than half a dozen yoga studios in River North – many of which have pretty similar pricing but have their underlining difference primarily in their instructors and the style of yoga they focus on. If you are looking for a haven – a place where you can go to let all the stress out – a River North yoga studio is the perfect place to go!

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About River North

River North is home to some of the most popular art galleries in Chicago while also being a haven to many foodies whether your looking for French food at Paris Club or possibly some sushi at Union Sushi – River North has a little bit of everything. Some of the most famous restaurants in Chicago are located in River North such as Rock N Roll Café, Ed Debevic’s, Lou Malnati’s Pizza, Xoco, Mastro’s, Frontera Grill, The Purple Pig and the list goes on and on! If you’re looking for some amazing food – River North is the place to be! River North is known for its cutting edge galleries, finest restaurants in the city coupled with the hottest dance clubs!

River North Yoga

Some of the architecture in River North predate the Chicago fire! The art galleries on every corner give walkers by a little bit of everything! Whether your looking for modern art or beautiful custom made furniture – River North has it here!

For tourists – River North is the perfect mix to take in the city of Chicago while also checking out the amazing restaurants and even hopping on one of the double decker busses to see the city from above!
River North is also known as the River North Gallery District, which has the largest concentration of art galleries in the entire, US outside of Manhattan.

Around the turn of the century River North was most commonly known as Smokey Hollow due to the large amount of factories in the area and one of the major transportation hubs in the area through the Merchandise Mart. At some point Little Sicily was also engulfed in River North.

Where did the name River North come from?

During the early 1970’s a real estate developer by the name of Abert Friedman decided to buy up some property in the area at the time being known as Skid Row and decided to market the area to photographers, ad agencies and art galleries at low costs. With time the area began to grow and as we mentioned is now one of the largest collection of art galleries in the US. Geographically River North has the Chicago River on the South and West side while Division St on the North and Wabash Ave. on the East.

Merchandise Mart

One of the most famous buildings in River North has to be the Merchandise Mart, which opened its doors in 1930 and at the time was the largest building in the world with over 4 million square feet. The focus of the building was to centralize the wholesale of goods by offering them all under one roof. To this day – this structure in River North hosts over 20K visitors a day and at one point had its own zip code! Many advertising agencies and hundreds of retailers operate in this building 365 days a year! Also don’t forget to check out Lincoln Park Yoga website for some amazing reviews!

5 Different types of yoga offered in River North

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Hatha Yoga in River North

Hatha yoga originated in the 15th century and focuses on slow pace, meditation and breathing. The purpose of Hatha yoga is to introduce yoga beginners to some basic posts and relaxation techniques. The purpose of Hatha yoga is to relieve stress and improve ones breathing and this yoga should be one of the very first types of classes a beginner should take. Hatha yoga is a great foundation that is part of every style of yoga currently out there. It encompasses a few specific yoga styles to achieve enlightenment or self-realization. Hatha yoga has become one of the most popular yoga styles as a source of exercise and stress management. This style of yoga is meant to be relaxing and something where you try to listen to your inner mind and spirituality.

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Vinyasa in River North

Vinyasa yoga focuses on a series of 12 poses focused on matching your breathing and movement. The purpose of vinyasa yoga is to help build lean muscle throughout your entire body. The benefits of vinyasa yoga primarily focus on improving your strength, and to reduce heart diseases and high blood pressure. This is the second step when it comes to learning the different types of yoga. Vinyasa yoga is very active form of yoga and is the coordination of breath and movement at the same time.

Ashtanga in River North

Ashtanga yoga also known as Astanga focuses on a fast paced routine with many lunges, salutations and push ups focusing on one’s spiritual well being. This is great for relieving stress, improving your coordination and weight loss. Ashtanga yoga is great for fit people who are trying to maintain their strength and stamina while embarking on a spiritual journey. Ashtanga yoga involves synchronization of breathing and postures producing internal heat that detoxifies the muscles and organs. The end result of Ashtanga is improvement in circulation, stamina and a calmer mind. Ashtanga yoga is often for advanced yogis.

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Iyengar in River North

Iyengar yoga was developed by BK.S. Iyengar over 70 years ago and focuses on promoting strength, flexibility, endurance and balance through the coordination of ones breathing and posing. Holding a pose in Iyengar yoga is commonly longer than in other styles. Iyengar yoga encompasses Ashtanga yoga with the addition of props such as blocks in order to strengthen ones body. The benefit of Ashtanga yoga is that it helps in the improvement of balance, speeding up injury recovery and building up overall body strength. The types of individuals who may want to focus on this type of yoga would be beginners who want to focus on the correct alignment of every pose. Iyengar is a slower paced yoga, which enables the elderly and the sick, and disabled to be able to practice and to this day one of the most popular yogas taught in River North Chicago.

Bikram in River North

Bikram yoga is often referred to as hot yoga and often most River North yoga facilities increase the temperature of the rooms to over 95 degrees followed by 26 poses that are designed to loosen tight muscles. The purpose of Bikram yoga is to flush out any toxins through the sweating process and really focus on the deep stretching. The benefits of Bikram yoga would have to be that it helps speed up recovery from injuries and cleanse the body of any toxins. This type of yoga is for both beginners and advanced individuals who are ready to push themselves further than ever before. The founder of Bikram yoga is Bikram Choudhury who was an Olympic weight lifter back in the early eighties. One of the most beneficial elements of Bikram yoga would have to be the element of the increased temperature in the room, which really promotes further flexibility, and detoxification and this is the only yoga in River North that utilizes this element.

River North Bikram Yoga

As mentioned in this article – there are many different types of yogas offered in River North. We ask that if you are pregnant that you consult with each facility first to make sure that the class you are taking be designed for pregnant women. There are prenatal yoga classes out there just make sure to seek them out! Almost all the yoga instructors in River North will usually have some kind of alternative to the poses the rest of the class is doing.

Make sure to bring your own yoga mat and a bottle of water especially if you are going to be taking Hot Yoga in River North. It is very easy to become dehydrated during this type of class – drink plenty of liquids! We will soon be adding a list of all the highly rated River North Yoga facilities in the area and we may even have a rating system for everyone to let us know what they think and maybe even how some of the facilities can improve. We may also be looking into offering some kind of deals to some of the yoga in River North facilities! Stay tuned and let River North Yoga be your number one source in learning more information about the different yoga styles and how different each facility is!